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Why Wedgewood USA for Destination Management in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco & Los Angeles?

Bespoke, innovative programme design -
we interpret, discuss and create
Budget integrity -
we are considerate to fluctuating currency rates and stringent budgets
Long term supplier relationships -
enable us to negotiate and make things happen
Logistical expertise -
we’ll advise you what can’t be done as well as what can be done
Up-to-date knowledge of constantly-evolving destinations -
we are observant and responsive to change
Client-sensitive team -
our dedicated staff are multi-lingual, ethnically-diverse and academically-trained
Results driven approach -
testimonials prove our success
Health and safety awareness -
we carefully evaluate supplier compliance
Green alternatives -
our cities and our planet are important; careful programming can help
Corporate Social Responsibility -
we support local community projects

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